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When You Should Call Steamatic’s Mold Removal Experts

It’s hard to know when you have mold growing in your home, as it tends to lurk in dark, damp, and rarely accessed spaces. However, remaining vigilant and aware of the signs of mold growth can help protect you and your loved ones from its harmful effects. Explore some of the signs of indoor mold, as well as when to call the experts at Steamatic for mold remediation.

When Your Home Has Experienced Significant Moisture Damage

A leak or flood can wreak havoc on your home, especially if it goes undetected. Excess moisture can destroy drywall, flooring materials, and any possessions that may be in its path. Another problem that’s linked to water damage is mold growth, as the watery conditions create an ideal living situation for mold spores. Even a minor leak can increase the risk of mold, so it’s important to have your home tested after any level of water damage occurs.

At Steammatic, we can test for mold to determine whether spores are growing, undetected, behind walls or between floors. Our technicians also offer water damage restoration services. We can restore your home to its previous state, as well as perform complete mold removal to ensure the safety of your living space.

When You Experience Health Concerns

You might have mold in your home if you experience allergic symptoms, such as coughing, congestion, or eye or throat irritation. Of course, these symptoms can also indicate the presence of the common cold and other viral illnesses, so it’s not always easy to know when you’re getting sick versus experiencing an allergy. If you notice that the symptoms worsen when you’re at home, mold could be the culprit. Waking up with symptoms regularly can also indicate that mold is spreading somewhere in your space.

It’s best to find out whether mold is causing your allergic symptoms, so contact us to schedule a test. Our mold removal experts can check for spores in your air ducts and throughout the home. If we find mold growth, we can eliminate it. 

When You See Signs of Mold Growth

Dark patches on the walls and musty odors in the air can also indicate the presence of mold. This substance has a distinctive smell, so take immediate action at the first whiff. Although mold won’t always appear on your walls or ceilings, dark spots indicate that the growth has spread rapidly. If mold growth is visible in your shower, you may be able to tackle it on your own. Use a cleaning solution to treat the spores growing on easy-to-clean surfaces, such as tile, glass, or metal. However, if you spot mold growing anywhere else, this usually indicates a more severe issue that requires professional mold removal.

Even breathing in mold spores can cause a significant reaction in those who suffer from allergies to the substance. It’s important to leave the remediation process to mold removal experts who can protect themselves and take steps to reduce the spread of spores throughout your living space. Contact us to schedule service at your home.

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