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At Steamatic of VA Peninsula, we have an excellent reputation for providing total cleaning solutions. We take those solutions a step further with general contracting services to complete the project you have to tackle. You can’t predict when a disaster will strike, but you can make the most of your situation by getting our team on hand to handle all the dirty work. Our team offers trustworthy commercial cleaning for businesses of every size:

      • Office buildings
      • Banks
      • Private healthcare and dental offices
      • Government buildings
      • Stores and shopping centers
      • Event centers
      • Automotive dealerships
      • Factories

We’re proud to offer Williamsburg, VA businesses the flexibility of contract cleaning services and our legendary quality and expertise. Our goal is always to provide 100% customer satisfaction,  and it has been since 1948 when our founders started a small cleaning business in Fort Worth. With knowledge, training, and an understanding of the market, we are now leaders in the industry with a commitment to quality service for every client in Williamsburg, VA, and the surrounding areas.


    Discover Total Contract Cleaning

    We offer complete contract cleaning services. Our impeccable attention to detail ensures excellent results, whether your business requires deep cleaning or daily maintenance:

    Carpet Cleaning

    State-of-the-art cleaning technology removes built-up soil and keeps office carpets looking amazing. Few things have an impact as carpeting that smells fresh and clean.

    Floor Cleaning

    Keep commercial tile, wood floors, marble, and other surfaces in top condition. Our deep cleaning and waxing services restore worn flooring to a brilliant appearance. Daily maintenance and buffing keeps this wet look for ages.

    White-Glove Services

    In-depth dusting and disinfecting are vital for office buildings, private clinics, dental offices, and banks. Our professionals offer cleaning of the highest quality every day.

    General Corporate Contract Cleaning

    Our services include cleaning and maintaining bathrooms, meeting rooms, reception spaces, cubicles, and other areas. We can take care of garbage removal and recycling, for example.

    Construction Cleanup

    Make sure your building looks professional in the middle of construction projects or following a major remodel. We have the tools and personnel to accommodate the most extensive construction cleanup.

    Benefit From the Best Commercial Cleaning Anywhere

    Our focus on quality, professionalism, and integrity allows us to provide the best commercial cleaning services. That’s one reason for our fantastic reputation in Williamsburg, VA. Here are several benefits of selecting corporate cleaning experts:

        • Employee comfort and confidence: Clean surroundings make for happier employees. At the same time, regular cleaning can also contribute to personnel feeling protected against viral threats and allergies.
        • Brand reputation: Businesses that look immaculate often receive better online reviews from customers. This is especially important for brands that deal directly with consumers, such as clothing stores and restaurants.
        • Productivity and efficiency: It’s easier to keep your staff focused and productive in a clean working environment. Our team takes care of everything, so your personnel can concentrate on work.

    We’re happy to attend to your company’s needs according to the schedule that works for you. Whether you want cleaning personnel on-hand during the workday or prefer cleaning after-hours, we adapt.

    Customize the Ideal Commercial Cleaning Program for Your Business

    At Steamatic of VA Peninsula, our team understands that each client has unique cleaning needs and priorities. We allow our customers to select from a wide range of fully customizable services, including scheduling daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cleaning tasks.

    A research & development center may require exceptionally detailed cleaning and disinfecting in prep kitchens. For an organization’s corporate headquarters, it’s essential to ensure the foyer is stunning, with sparkling floors, perfect windows, and brilliant surfaces all around.

    At the same time, we’re happy to work within your existing cleaning budget. Our general cleaning experts can make recommendations on how to allocate resources for the best results.

    Experience Our General Contracting Services

    At Steamatic of VA Peninsula, we not only provide cleaning and restoration services, but we also provide general contracting as well. We realize that many of the disasters that take place in your home or office are going to require a repair or complete overhaul in order for your property to get back up to par again. Our general contractors tackle:

      • Electrical repair – Whether during a fire or a storm, your electricity might go out. Depending on the extent of the damage, it could be quite hazardous. Our general contractors will get in there to repair the damage.
      • Plumbing repair – Especially when it’s your plumbing that creates the problem, you’re going to need a contractor experienced in plumbing repair. Our professionals will get down to the root of the problem, so after all the cleaning, restoring, and repairs are complete, you won’t have to worry about a similar issue in the future.
      • Drywall installation & repair – Water damage, smoke and fire damage, mold, and other disasters often take a huge toll on drywall. These types of disasters typically require drywall installation & repair after the initial damage has been cleaned up. Our installers have the experience necessary to get it done.
      • Roofing installation & repair – Whether a fire or wind storm blew the roof off your house, or you’re just experiencing some damage that needs repair, our general contractors can help you get a solid roof over your head again.

    If there’s another service you need, please don’t hesitate to speak with our contractors about it. Not every emergency repair service can be thought of in advance, and we do our best to help you with everything that comes your way.

    What General Contractors Do

    Perhaps you’ve heard the term “general contractor” and wondered how it differs from just a plain contractor. For many projects, the terms are used interchangeably. When you contact Steamatic of VA Peninsula for cleaning, restoration, and general contracting, we’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. Our general contractors oversee the entire project from beginning to end. They’ll ensure your restorations and repairs are done correctly and on time.

    We realize many of these situations are sensitive, and our contractors are experts at treating every client with respect. Your home or office should be a place of refuge from the world, and we aim to provide that for you with electrical repair, roofing installation, and our many other services.

    Getting Back to Normal

    When disaster strikes, it’s our goal to help you get your life back to normal. If that means a solid cleaning service, restoring your fine art, remediating mold in your home or office, or roofing installation & repair, we’re ready to help you get on your feet again. Whether you need all our services or just one, you can count on Steamatic of VA Peninsula. Contact us today at 757-585-2600 or fill in our online form to request service.

    Request a Preliminary Quote or Personal Appointment

    Convince potential clients that your company is professional is by keeping areas amazingly clean. Whether you want a spotless dental office or lustrous floors for a commercial office building, our team always delivers the best quality. Contact us right away in Williamsburg or the surrounding areas for a custom quote.



    When disaster strikes, Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

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