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Protect Your Guests With a Comprehensive Cleaning Strategy

Businesses have come to learn the necessity of comprehensive cleaning strategies over the last few years. Whether you’re searching “water damage restoration near me” or “water mitigation company near me,” chances are, you’re searching for a few cleaning tips and strategies to keep your visitors safe. COVID-19, seasonal illnesses, and water damage can all pose health risks. Here are a few tips to include in your cleaning strategy.

Prioritize High-Traffic and High-Touch Areas

Certain parts of a building are at higher risk of bacteria and germs, including high-traffic and high-touch areas. These are surfaces or rooms that many people touch or interact with daily, including desks, light switches, door handles, and bathroom faucets. A comprehensive cleaning strategy should prioritize these high-touch areas, as they’re the most common cause of the spread of germs.

Some areas are also more prone to water damage, which can lead to bacteria growth. After calling a water damage restoration service, make sure you thoroughly clean the nearby rooms.

Choose Cleaning Products Carefully

Choosing the right cleaning products is also essential to keeping your visitors safe. Cleaning routines should include both sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces. Different rooms or surfaces may also require different cleaning materials. For example, you may want to use less hazardous cleaning products in rooms with frequent visitors.

If you plan on using heavy-duty cleaning and disinfecting products, ensure you are in a well-ventilated area with the proper protective equipment. Providing guests with easy access to cleaning products can also help you maintain a clean environment. Antibacterial soap in bathrooms can reduce the spread of bacteria, and hand sanitizing stations encourage visitors to sanitize their hands frequently, which can stop the spread of germs between rooms or offices.

The products you choose may also depend on the cleaning task. If you have recently had water damage repairs through a water mitigation company, you may need something that tackles mold.

Create a Schedule

A comprehensive cleaning strategy should also include a detailed schedule of when certain rooms or objects require cleaning. You may want to clean highly frequented areas more often than rooms with fewer visitors. Consider adding additional cleanings following a peak in illnesses among your staff or visitors or after a plumbing leak.

In your schedule, be sure to include which employee is responsible for which cleaning task and how often. After searching “water restoration near me,” you can create a schedule to tackle the cleanup.

Hire a Professional

Maintaining a timely cleaning schedule and choosing the right cleaning products can be difficult, especially when focusing on your business. Outsourcing your comprehensive cleaning strategy can ensure you properly clean and disinfect your space. An industrial cleaning company uses the best products to keep your visitors and employees safe. A professional cleaning company can also help with water damage restoration cleanup, helping you reduce the likelihood of mold growth or dangerous contaminants.

A comprehensive cleaning strategy helps you organize and plan the most important cleaning and sanitizing tasks. When you need additional cleaning help, contact Steamatic. We can help you create a thorough cleaning strategy that provides you, your employees, and your visitors with a clean and safe environment.

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