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How to Hire the Best Industrial Restoration Company

After a quick search for “water mitigation company near me,” you may find that you have many options available. How do you choose the best industrial restoration company? We have compiled a list of things to consider when hiring an industrial restoration company.

Consider Available Cleaning Services

Industrial cleaning may include a wide range of tasks, like carpet cleaning, construction cleanup, office disinfecting, or garbage removal. When considering options for an industrial cleaning company, choose one that offers the services you need most.

Typically, a commercial cleaning company focuses on creating a clean and sanitary environment, whereas an industrial cleaning company deals with hazardous waste and helps stop the spread of illness. Because an industrial cleaning company often handles specific tasks like mold, mildew, or hazardous waste cleanup, choosing a company with prior experience is crucial.

Read Reviews From Past Customers

Reading the reviews of an industrial cleaning company gives you a better idea of what previous customers think of the company. You can even ask for references from any company you’re considering working with. Find out what customers enjoyed about the company and what they wish had been done better.

If possible, consider reviews related to the services you need most. For example, if you’re seeking water damage repair services, ask questions about water remediation and mold removal. A company that offers a satisfaction guarantee can also be beneficial. Steamatic, for example, conducts a final inspection with you and your representative to ensure all tasks are completed to your satisfaction.

Inquire About Insurance Coverage

Ensure any industrial cleaning company you’re considering has the appropriate liability insurance. You want to work with a properly registered company to protect yourself and your business. Ensure the company has general or business insurance plus workers’ compensation coverage to protect its employees.

Appropriate insurance coverage is essential when working with an industrial cleaning company since they often work with hazardous materials. General contractors may clean, restore, repair, or sanitize your work environment; insurance ensures they’re protected from a wide range of risks.

Ask About Cleaning Strategies and Equipment

Find out what cleaning products and strategies a company uses. For example, some cleaning companies use eco-friendly products, which may be important to you. Find out if you need to do anything to help keep your staff safe during remediation or cleanup, including opening windows or avoiding certain rooms in between cleanings. Disinfecting techniques are also especially important to inquire about in today’s times.

You’ll likely want a cleaning company that does much more than dust and vacuum. A company that cleans and disinfects high-touch points and frequently trafficked areas is also essential to ensure your staff and visitors are safe and healthy. Certain cleaning tasks, like water mitigation, also require special equipment. You’ll need to choose a water mitigation company capable of measuring moisture levels and humidity readings.

Researching and evaluating potential industrial cleaning companies can help you choose the best one for your needs. Contact Steamatic today to learn how we can help you handle your renovation or disaster repair cleanup needs.

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