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5 Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

HVAC systems accumulate dirt over time, and this is why you should consider scheduled cleaning to enable the unit to continue running efficiently.

Air ducts filled with dirt, dust, and debris can be the beginning of issues in the system and your home. Your unit becomes vulnerable to damage and frequent repairs, while your family may be at risk of allergic reactions.

It is best to keep checking out for any signs that could compromise your system and call a cleaning expert in the VA Peninsula area to clean the system. Below are some signs your duct needs cleaning.

How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

Mold Accumulation

Staying in a house with mold can be risky for your family’s health. It could result in respiratory and allergic reactions, which may spread throughout your home, leading to severe health challenges in the long run.

When moisture and warm temperatures get into the ductwork, condensation occurs, and there is a high chance of mold accumulation in the system.

It is common for mold to build up around vent covers. If you notice mold in your air ducts, take quick measures to clean them to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

An experienced air duct cleaning technician team such as Steamatic Restoration and Cleaning will identify areas with mold and clean the ducts.

Dust Around Your Home

One of the most common signs your air duct needs cleaning is when you see dust around your home. Sometimes, you will see dust coming out of the vents when the unit is on, and the dust may continue getting into the unit.

It is best to consider HVAC cleaning if you notice that dust never goes away from your home. Once you clean the ducts, consider replacing the air filters frequently to keep the unit running efficiently.

Rodents and Insects in the Ducts

Rodents, such as squirrels, are common in most homes. These rodents often get into the ducts and leave droppings and other bacteria. These droppings move along the ducts and can get into your home, causing air pollution.

If you do not clean the air ducts, rodents may make the area their dwelling place, and a highway to and from other areas of your home. To best determine whether you have rodents in your house, check out for drops on the ground, chewed materials, and unusual smells. If you notice rodents in your home, look for an HVAC technician to examine and clean your air ducts.

Newly Built or Renovated Home

Other common signs your air duct needs cleaning are renovated and newly built homes. During construction or renovation, the house becomes messy with dust, dirt, and debris. If your HVAC unit is open and exposed to these elements, you may need to clean it after the project.

Covering the unit may not be realistic since you will still need to keep your home warm if the weather is cold. Consider cleaning your unit after construction to remove dirt, dust, and debris.

Increased Energy Costs

If you’ve been spending a certain amount on energy bills, but it suddenly drastically increases, it could be one of the signs your air duct needs cleaning.

With accumulated dust, your unit will have to work harder to cool your home, thus, using more power in the long run. Remember, energy bills may also rise if there are leaks in your system. It is best to hire an experienced technician to clean and inspect your unit and system to determine the main cause of increased energy bills.

Need HVAC Cleaning near Williamsburg, VA? Hire a Cleaning Expert

Air duct cleaning requires expertise from an experienced technician because it is complex and requires special tools. Contact us today about exceptional cleaning service for your HVAC near Williamsburg, VA.


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