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How To Make Use of Renovation Downtime

The remediation and repair of building damage can take many months to complete. In the meantime, consider making the best use of this renovation downtime by planning for future projects that can add another layer of protection against further damage. Here are a few projects to consider adding to your renovation plans.


Water damage can be one of the costliest things to repair in a home or business. You can prevent some water damage through waterproofing. Try to choose materials during the renovation that deflect water and are resistant to mold growth. You can also add a waterproof layer to floors and walls to protect them from water damage.

Other ways to waterproof your home or business include raising HVAC equipment or installing sewer back-flow valves. If your renovation includes building new exterior walls, adding a full-depth tunnel around your home can push water away from it during snow or rainstorms.

Invest in Warming Gutters

Many Virginia home and business owners search “water mitigation company near me” each year after a heavy snow or rainstorm. Defective or clogged gutters are one of the biggest causes of water damage during the cold winter months. Snow can turn into ice and block the gutters and downspouts. Leaves and dirt leftover from fall also prevent melting snow from safely flowing away from the roof and windows.

Clearing your gutters and downspouts regularly is important in avoiding water damage. However, as you’re in the middle of a renovation, this may also be a good time to invest in warming gutters. Warming gutters are heated systems that melt ice and snow, reducing the chance of costly clogged gutters.

Use Smart Devices

Freezing pipes are another common risk of water damage. The cold can cause your interior or exterior pipes to freeze as the outdoor temperatures drop. Water expands, which means it can cause your pipes to burst. Pipe insulation can help keep your interior pipes warm. Installing a smart thermostat also gives you more control over your home’s temperature, especially when you’re away from home for long periods.

This may also be a good time to install a water leak detection device. This technological device automatically shuts off the water supply after it detects a leak. This helps avoid expensive water damage when you’re away from home. Some smart leak detectors even connect to your smartphone and alert you of potential water leaks.

Create an Emergency Response Strategy

While there are things you can do to prevent water damage, flooding or leaking are still always a possibility. Creating an emergency response strategy before dealing with water damage can minimize the cost and extent of the damages. Choosing a water damage repair company and knowing when to call is one of the first steps.

Flooding is only one concern with water damage. If the water sits too long, it can grow mold, turning a water damage restoration service into a much larger project. A quick search of “water restoration near me” can help you explore your options before you need them.

If you’re looking for a company to provide reputable, knowledgeable “water damage restoration near me,” look no further than Steamatic. Contact us today to learn how you can use your renovation downtime to protect your property against expensive water damage.

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