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Smoke Odor Removal for Your Businesses

Even a small fire can cause significant damage to your business or rental property. In addition to the structural damage, a fire usually leaves behind a strong smoke odor and damaging soot. Removing all signs of fire damage and smoke is possible with the proper planning and tools. Here are a few smoke odor removal tips so your business can move on following a fire:

Smoke Odor Removal Tips

Ensure Proper Airflow

Following a fire, proper airflow is important to allow the smoke and smells to escape. Improving airflow is one of the first steps to take after a fire. Even if the fire was in just one room, you might want to open as many windows and doors as possible to air it out. Setting up a few box fans can also help to circulate air and promote smoke odor removal.

Clean Porous Surfaces

Smoke and soot settle into furniture, blankets, carpets, and linens. A vacuum can eliminate any loose ashes or soot, but it usually does little for smoky odor removal. You may need something strong, like bleach or vinegar, to remove the smell. It may also take a few cleanings to remove the smell completely from some surfaces, like your furniture.

Your furniture may also stain from significant smoke damage. Some businesses may choose to replace furniture or hire a professional smoke damage removal Virginia company.

Clean and Paint Walls

Fire easily moves between walls, leaving behind burned and charred plaster and drywall. Before putting a fresh coat of paint over the damage, you’ll want to clean the walls thoroughly. You can use hot water mixed with dish soap or vinegar to remove the smell. Let the walls fully dry for a few days before deciding if they need further cleaning. Once you’re satisfied with the cleaning, add a few coats of paint to match the rest of the room. This may also be a good time to update the paint in your business to ensure it matches.

Hire a Professional

It may be possible to clean up yourself after a fire. However, missing even a small area of smoke damage can lead to a lingering scent for months. Sometimes, calling in a smoke odor removal professional from the start may be better. If visitors or guests can still spot or smell the damage, it can hurt the reputation of your business.

Using customized equipment and cleaning products, a professional smoke odor removal company can remove any sign or smell of fire damage from your business property. The great thing about hiring a professional is that they often handle all aspects of interior damage, including walls, furniture, windows, and doors. A professional can help restore or protect any personal items left behind during cleaning.

Fires of all sizes can wreak havoc on your business. The speed at which you respond with restoration and the techniques you use can impact the condition of your property and how fast you recover from the fire. The faster you remove all indications of fire damage, the sooner you can reopen and continue operating your business.

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