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Commercial Water Damage: What You Should Know

Commercial water damage is one of the problems that can disrupt your business activities and affect the health and safety of your employees. This is why you should get it fixed as soon as you spot any sign of water damage. The best way is to contact a water damage restoration service provider. Commercial restoration services can help keep the water damage in check, allowing your business to run smoothly.

Common Causes of Commercial Water Damage

Knowing the common reasons for water damage can help you avoid landing in a situation where you will need to call someone for water restoration. Here are the top four sources of water damage:

  • Damaged windows: Moisture can seep through damaged windows and trigger many problems, such as mold buildup and warped wood. Reseal the windows regularly to avoid this since caulk can break down over time.
  • Broken pipes: Pressure changes, compromised water supply lines and sewer drains, and cold weather are some of the conditions that can lead to broken pipes. Damaged pipes can lead to bulging and stained walls, cracked tiles, a musty smell, and more.
  • Building foundation: Clogged gutters can cause water to leak into your office premises through the foundation or the roof. If you notice puddles or wet framing, there are leaks in the building’s foundation. A poor drainage system can be another source of water damage.
  • Roof leaks: A leaky roof in your building can cause mold or mildew issues, ceiling damage, and fire hazards from shorted wires. It can even compromise the structural integrity of the building. Common reasons for a leaky roof are heavy rains and snow, making roofs vulnerable to damage.

In addition to these four most common commercial water damage causes, HVAC problems, sewer clogs, sprinkler system leaks, and water heater failure can also contribute to it.

Commercial Water Damage and Mold

Water damage can lead to mold formation in most cases. These dangerous microorganisms start growing within 24 to 48 hours of exposure to water damage. For quick mold remediation, you need to find the source of the water damage and fix it right away. Hire an emergency water damage restoration service provider that offers commercial restoration services to carry out remediation of mold and conduct mold cleanup and mitigation, ensuring no trace is left.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration by Steamatic VA 

If you don’t address water damage at the right time, it can worsen the situation. It will not only affect your business’s productivity but also cost you more. Water damage restoration can cost you between $1,304 and $5,513 on average. The cost is usually more for commercial water restoration since it takes more effort to investigate a large commercial area and find the source of water damage.

Steamatic is here to help you with commercial water damage with our cost-effective water damage restoration services. We have a team of experienced professionals that has helped numerous clients with water damage problems. If you notice any sign of water damage in your house or office building, get in touch with us. We’ll be on our way to help you.

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